Eden loved writing, rainy weather, floral designs, talking about fandom, and dogs most of all! She talked about the things she liked with so much passion and excitement, it was infectious. She was a wizard at finding references, and would pull up any DGM image I asked if she had on hand within minutes. She sent me photos of birds she saw while walking her dog because she knew I loved them. She had a hungry shibe named Haru who liked digging up the garden.

Eden was my best friend for the almost 5 years that I knew her. We met online back in June 2015.

At the time I had recently purchased a collection of D.Gray-man manga volumes from a friend who was getting rid of them, and had begun getting back into this series after many years. Particularly, I thought Komui and Bak would make for a really great ship so I was looking for content at the beginning of June.

There was very little content out there, but on June 12, 2015 I came across a wonderfully written but sadly unfinished KomuBak fic posted on FF.net. That alone should tell how how old the fic was. I mused at the idea of trying to track down and contacting the author of this, at the time, 6 year old fanfic, to ask if they might ever resume it.

I did not actually pursue this thought, as I thought it might be a little weird, but I decided to start drawing some KomuBak fanart to post on tumblr.

On June 15, I received an ask from someone telling me they really enjoyed my DGM fanart. We exchanged a few messages before they revealed to me that they were in fact the author of the 6 year old unfinished fic I had wanted more of. That was Eden. She was and continues to be the reason I fell in love with KomuBak in the first place.

We talked nearly every single day after that, came up with stories and AUs, and ran an askblog together, up until the day she passed away. Not a single day goes by when I don't think about her. I loved her deeply. She brought so much light into my life. She inspired me.

I miss her all the time.